Saving Strokes Out Of The Sand

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For many golfers, the sand trap is a hazard that causes no end to the grief and frustration on the golf course. Wanting to avoid going to the beach at all costs, some will incur extra strokes just to avoid this area. Personally, I think it would be a good idea to learn to hit out of the sand because in the long run it will be the ultimate stroke saver. I think hitting my ball out of the sand is not that difficult due to my focused practice years back. I learned the proper technique, at least for my swing, to splashing out of the sand trap and have not looked back since. Keep reading for three aspects of hitting a sand shot that are a must for lower golf scores.

If you break down a bunkers shot there are many moving parts. When beginning to hone your bunker skills I think it is important to focus on more big picture aspects of each swing. They are using the bounce, contact with the sand, and follow through. If you can stay focused on these three areas, your sand play will definitely save strokes.

First, the bounce - Specifically, about this part of the your swing is the skimming of the club through the sand on the bounce. This is a 90% solution which works for most sand shots. There are other instances when a different technique is required, but until you have mastered this part of the sand swing, I suggest you do not worry about them. 

Stay focused on skimming the sand and using the bounce of your club - Hitting the sand before the ball is another very important key to up and down bunker play.  The two inch before and four inch after guideline works perfect for my game and again is a 90% solution for consistent contact during a sound shot.

My last focus area was always the follow through - I advocate the 1/3 – 2/3 swing motion. Having a full follow through is important to ensure that the club head accelerates through the ball. This 90% solution is very important because any deceleration during contact will result in the ball staying in the trap. Also, there are a few other points covered in the video below that are important to saving strokes out of the sand.

There you have my three main focuses when practicing and playing out of the sand. When I stopped fearing bunker shots, it was because I semi-mastered using the bounce of the club, hitting the sand in the proper spot, and using my follow through properly. If you can master these three aspects of bunker play, you will see a drop in your score as you consistently save strokes out of the sand.

The Grateful Golfer saving strokes with a great sand shot.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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