Playing Golfing In Our Golden Years

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Golf is the type of sport where age becomes less and less of a factor. As I age, I find that I am still able to play at a reasonable level of golf, especially if I stay fit. Of course being fit is key to longevity in any sport and golf is no different. There are a few keys to a healthy lifestyle that accentuates our ability to play golf that really has become more of a lifestyle for me. Of course, my view is developed from personal experience and every person has to make their own choices if they want to play golf long into their golden years.

As I enter my 60s, my golf game is as strong as it has been for years. I have not lost much distance or physical ability to play as I slide into my golden years. This is because I learned a few things early in my golfing career that needs to be sustained in order to be successful. This is not a training program, but a lifestyle approach that works for me. What works for you might be different and that is something you need to decide for yourself.

Walking on cold days. - Some benefits I gain from a healthy lifestyle are positive energy levels. Now, I have some residual challenges due to treatments, but I cannot even image where I would be if I did not eat properly. Eating whole healthy foods and minimizing ‘junk food’ helps me have the energy to finish strong during challenging rounds. Sometimes, the last three holes are sapping my strength, but usually I have enough in the tank to finish strong and I contribute that to eating healthy.

Remaining active is very important to my golf game. I just finished a long offseason and COVID has extended that for another month. Remaining active is very important. My activity is built into my daily life where I ensure that I get up and moving everyday. I try to do something every day whether that includes walks (yes in the very cold weather), house stuff, yard stuff, or focused training. My point is that I remain active and moving; this helps me stay relatively flexible so that when it is time to start swinging the clubs I am reasonably ready.

Staying engaged in my life is adds to my ability to stay focused on golf. I am retired now and I time to do things. I will say that when I first left my job, I wandered around a bit wondering what I was going to do. I have hence decided to focus on charity work, getting involved in my new community, continuing to write on The Grateful Golfer, learning new things and spending quality time with my darling wife. I do watch TV (like most of you), but I try to do other things to keep my mind active. Being engaged in my life helps me fuel my passion for golf. I do spend some time every day reading, researching, and learning about golf. Right now, it is my passion and this drive helps me keep my game sharp and viable as time ticks on.

Golf is a game that we can play for many of our golden years. I could continue with other topics, but I think you get my point. Regardless of the level of golf you want to play, I believe a whole life approach is needed. Focusing on just on area of my life does not serve my golf game well. First and foremost is a healthy lifestyle. It is my foundation for everything else. I took a bit of time to get here, but I am so glad that I made the effort. It is paying dividends now and expect it will long into the future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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