How Good Is Your Putting Stroke?

Posted By: The Grateful Golfer Published: 03/31/2022 Times Read: 94 Comments: 0

Great putting is the ultimate stroke saver. You can read this statement over and over again at The Grateful Golfer because I believe that finding your putting stroke is key to lower golf scores. Of course there are thousands of different methods of putting because each player has to find that one method that works for them. Whether it is the grip, stance, ball position, or tempo, each putting stroke is different. I have several tips on putting that help build an awesome foundation with the flat stick, but today I want to focus on holding your putting position after contact.

What exactly do I mean about holding our putting position after contact? That is a great question that is easy to understand if I describe it well. So, here we go.

You are all aware of my back 6 forward 12 technique which works for me 100% of the time. There is an important aspect of this or any putting stroke is to hold our finish for a count of one after contact before looking up and watching the ball roll. This minor, yet critical, point on holding our putting position after contact ensures that the putting makes the same solid contact on every putt. It allows for us to ‘stay in the shot’ until it is complete.

To help drive my point home, there is a video by Michael Breed that talks all about my points of great putting:

The penny tip at the end is perfect for holding your putting position after contact. This minor swing mechanic is important across all strokes, but critical during putting. It will allow us to hit a consistent, straight and repeatable putting stroke that will in turn lower our golf scores.

In golf, the smallest of tips offer a tremendous benefit to our game. In this case, holding our finish by staring at the penny is a diamond in the rough. I do not use a coin when I practice, but the technique is exactly the same. I hold my position for a count of one before watching my ball roll into the hole. This is one tip that will a dramatic affect on your short game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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