Hitting Different Clubs From The Same Distance

Posted By: The Grateful Golfer Published: 09/13/2022 Times Read: 92 Comments: 0

Do you play the same club from the same distance all the time? For example, you are sitting at 150 yards and likely hit a 7 iron 95 times out of 100. Have you ever thought of hitting a 6 iron to see what happens. I have discussed clubbing up on shots before in tough conditions in order to swing easier and under more control. This is kind of the same principle, but my thoughts are to club up during the same conditions that you want hit that 7 iron. My thoughts are that by having more than one option on approach shots and to expand your course management strategies.

I am suggesting that you hit a knock down shot or a punch shot. These are specialty shots required in specific conditions. What I am suggesting is hitting a shot as per normal, with two different clubs. When hitting the clubbed up shot, try hitting with a 3/4 swing. The ball should have the same trajectory during both swings, but the clubbed up shot is swung easier and likely under more control.

Yesterday, I was playing two balls for fun and found myself 100 yards from the green on the third hole. I decided to hit a gap wedge (100 yards) and a pitching wedge (120 yards). With the gap wedge I made a full swing and landed just short with my ball releasing onto the green. The pitching wedge landed in the same area of my first shot, but it released a bit farther onto the green. This is not unusual because my pitching wedge shot came in a bit hotter than the gap wedge. I knew this would happen and tried to adjust for it, but alas I was just off.

I find that clubbing up from time to time forces me to think more when playing my home course. It changes my course management strategies. This fun way to play differently is good for my game. To be fair, I did practice these shots on the range first, but found I never really understood the value of clubbing up until I put it into practice on the course. Clubbing up can open options for you as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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