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A Golfer Night Before Christmas

Posted By: Three Rivers Golf Association Published: 12/10/2020 Times Read: 367 Comments 0

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the green Not a golfer was stirring, not even one seen. The golf gloves were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that a tee time soon would be theirs.

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Now Is The Right Time To Fix Your Golf Game

Posted By: THE GRATEFUL GOLFER Published: 11/24/2020 Times Read: 400 Comments 0

If you ask every golfer, everyone one will tell you that they have something to fix or work on with respect to their golf game. Yup, I am confident is call this statement to 99.99% true.

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Put Yourself In Position To Hit A Solid Tee Ball

Posted By: Golf Digest Published: 10/11/2020 Times Read: 368 Comments 0

If you struggle to hit a good tee ball, you're not alone.

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13 Rules Of Golf Etiquette You Are Probably Breaking

Posted By: Golf Digest Published: 10/01/2020 Times Read: 502 Comments 0

Golf prides itself as a gentleman's game. En the masse, golfers take this mantra to heart, adhering not only to the rules, but towards standard etiquette on the golf course and to their fellow hackers. Unfortunately, due to bad habits or general ignorance, there remains a multitude of breaches of etiquette. We're all guilty of some fallacy; it's simply a matter of understanding proper procedures. Here are the 13 manners of golf etiquette that are commonly violated.

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10 Bad Golf Swing Mistakes (Part 2)

Posted By: Golf.com Published: 09/06/2020 Times Read: 490 Comments 0

It is amazing how many different ways there are to swing a golf club. I often think they are like fingerprints. Often you can identify someone from far away when you see their golf swing. But while the list of ways to swing a golf club is long, the problems that plague the swing are significantly shorter. These are 10 of the most common swing or setup mistakes:

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