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Conquering The Tight Lies In Golf

Posted By: THE GRATEFUL GOLFER Published: 10/13/2021 Times Read: 93 Comments 0

Hitting the ball up and down is a challenge that most golfers face multiple times a round. Because of its frequency, understanding how to hit tight lies is very important to keeping our scores low.

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Owning A Poor Golf Shot

Posted By: THE GRATEFUL GOLFER Published: 09/17/2021 Times Read: 67 Comments 0

Every golfer hits a poor golf shot. I know that I have hit my fair share that may or may not be considered my fault. Interestingly, this view of my performance has changed over the years such that I own my poor shots and focus less on the conditions or other factors.

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Forgetting How To Play Golf

Posted By: THE GRATEFUL GOLFER Published: 08/07/2021 Times Read: 80 Comments 0

There is an expectation that every low single digit handicap golfers hit pure shots….most of the time. The processes are very easy for onlookers because of the mystique of shooting lower golf scores. Well, I am here to set the stage straight!

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How To Successfully Hit A Hybrid

Posted By: THE GRATEFUL GOLFER Published: 07/17/2021 Times Read: 87 Comments 0

Removing my long irons out of my golf bag and replacing them with hybrids was the smartest decision I made with respect to my golf equipment.

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Golfing in the Heat

Posted By: Published: 07/27/2021 Times Read: 161 Comments 0

Secrets to playing golf in extreme heat:

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Finding Success With My Driver

Posted By: THE GRATEFUL GOLFER Published: 07/17/2021 Times Read: 200 Comments 0

Recently, I mentioned that I was attempting to make some minor modifications to my swing when using the driver. I am trying to hit the ball just a bit higher in order to increase my distance off the tee.

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Choking Down On Your Golf Club

Posted By: THE GRATEFUL GOLFER Published: 07/17/2021 Times Read: 138 Comments 0

I have read many articles about choking down on a golf club to adjust distances to the green. This maneuver is often used in the professional rank and players who understand their normal yardages.

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Cleaning Your Golf Clubs Between Swings

Posted By: The Grateful Golfer Published: 07/17/2021 Times Read: 116 Comments 0

After replacing your divot, (hint hint), your next step before putting your club back in your bag should be to clean your club. I have watched many players hit their shot and immediately put their clubs away dirty.

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Posted By: Published: 07/08/2021 Times Read: 100 Comments 0

There are generally two kinds of golfers: those that come flying into the parking lot on two wheels while their group is walking up to the first tee and then there are those that arrive with plenty of time to spare and get limbered-up, read every angle of the practice green, and do some yoga stretches before their buddies even arrive.

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Anticipating Your Next Golf Shot

Posted By: THE GRATEFUL GOLFER Published: 05/04/2021 Times Read: 109 Comments 0

For many players, including myself, each round of golf is wrought with waiting. Waiting for our next shot is can vary from seconds to many minutes.

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