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How to Keep Your Golf Shoes Clean and Looking Good

Posted By: Golf Anything Outlet Published: 07/18/2019 Times Read: 25 Comments 0

How to Keep Your Golf Shoes Clean and Looking Good

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Does Mini Golf Help Your Putting?

Posted By: KATHRYN DRANEY Published: 05/28/2019 Times Read: 38 Comments 0

If you’re a confident golfer, you might be tempted to challenge your friends to a round of putt putt golf. Golfers are great at putt putt, right? You might even begin to wonder – can playing mini golf make you an even better putter? Mini golf is a popular pastime for many people who have never even picked up a golf club. That doesn’t mean they can sink their ball in one stroke the first time they play on a course. The skills are not exactly parallel. In fact, some golfers might worry that playing can harm their golf game.

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The Best Time of Day to Golf

Posted By: KATHRYN DRANEY Published: 05/28/2019 Times Read: 45 Comments 0

To be perfectly honest, there isn’t a best time of day to golf. There are pros and cons to each hour from dawn to twilight. Here are the things to consider when booking your tee time during each different time of day.

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3 Keys for a Smooth Takeaway

Posted By: TYLER PRINGLE Published: 05/28/2019 Times Read: 27 Comments 0

Make sure the club head moves straight back, not inside or outside of the ball.

It all starts with the backswing – but the backswing starts with the takeaway. Jack Nicklaus referred to the takeaway as the most important 18 inches of the swing. Nicklaus realized that beginning the swing correctly makes it much easier to set the club properly at the top of the backswing. On the other hand, starting the swing incorrectly forces many compensations and extra movements throughout the rest of the swing. Extra movements and compensations often lead to poor contact. Check out our three keys to make sure you start every swing great.

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When to Replace Your Golf Glove

Posted By: KATHRYN DRANEY Published: 05/28/2019 Times Read: 63 Comments 1

If your glove looks anything like this one, it's time.

If you’re looking up the question of when to replace your golf glove, the answer is, “right now.” Or, “yesterday.”

But that’s just the short answer.

Golf gloves are complicated. You’ve probably taken a break from golf before. You return to your bag, dig around in the pocket, and find that your golf glove has turned into a sad, dirty, shriveled thing reminiscent of used carwash rags. What happened? And can you try to breathe life back into your ancient glove by putting it on and stretching it out a bit? Not really.

Think of your golf gloves like a pair of nice sandals. They do, over time, reach that perfect broken-in point where they fit comfortably and give you an extra spring in your step. However, at a certain point, they wear out and need to be replaced. You don’t keep wearing the same old leather sandals. Why would you continue to wear the same old leather glove?

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How to Get Your Kids Into Golf

Posted By: KATHRYN DRANEY Published: 05/28/2019 Times Read: 34 Comments 0

You might have been bitten by the golf bug – but it’s not always a family trait. It’s impossible to make your child love a sport. Instead, if you dream of playing golf with your kids as they grow older, you should take steps to help them foster a love for it themselves. Here are some ways to get your kids into golf.

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