20 Tips For New Golfers (Part 2)

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Droves of new golfers have been taking up the game in recent months, as golf establishes itself as the ideal social-distancing sport for the modern era.

Following are 20 tips for “new” and “current” golfers:

11. Find your tempo early: Good tempo, aka the speed and rhythm with which you swing the golf club, can cover for a lot of ills early. Swinging fast is fine, but as long as you’re always swinging smoothly.

12. Patience: There’ll be days when you play that will leave you wondering why you play at all. There’ll be times when you feel like you’re not improving. Golf is a strange game, but say patient and it will always reward you.

13. Don’t play hero ball: Hit the shot you know you can hit, not the one-in-10 shot that you are capable of hitting. Golf is a game of misses.

14. Always stay balanced: When you’re starting out, swaying back and forth in your golf swing will only make it harder to put the clubface on the ball. Stay balanced during your swing, and always make sure to stick your finish.

15. Pick up after eight strokes: Play golf however you want, but if you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid of picking after eight shots. Don’t feel obligated to finish every hole, just go out and have fun trying to hit good shots.

16. Tee it forward: This is important for all golfers. Most courses have a number of different tee boxes. Play the right ones for your ability, and when you’re starting out, that means teeing it forward.

17. Find a book as a guide: There are a ton of great ones; here are a few of my favorites.

18. Never forget the fundamentals: Nailing down your setup will fix issues in your golf swing before they even arise.

19. Play fast and don’t lose your temper: Most golfers don’t care how good you are at the game. You can be a great golfer and a fun golfer to play around with. Keep your temper under control and play fast. Then you’ll be a joy to play with.

20. Have fun: The most important one. It’s just a game; it’s supposed to be fun. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy the journey!


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