20 Tips For New Golfers (Part 1)

Posted By: Golf.com Published: 09/05/2020 Times Read: 88 Comments: 0

Droves of new golfers have been taking up the game in recent months, as golf establishes itself as the ideal social-distancing sport for the modern era.

Following are 20 tips for “new” and “current” golfers:

1. Don’t become a range rat: This is actually great advice. Always remember that while the driving range is great practice, don’t get too comfortable there. Don’t be afraid to hit the course!

2. Taking lessons is worth the money: Equipment upgrades are great and necessary, but sometimes, rather than spending $100+ on yet another item, spending that money on a lesson can pay big dividends.

3. Start with chip shots: Starting with short chip shots, when you’re an ultra-newcomer, can be helpful in learning the basic (and most important) foundation of the golf swing: Learning how to put the clubface on the golf ball.

4. Get familiar with basic etiquette: I’m not going an etiquette stickler. But it’s important to learn some of the basic things. That way, you won’t step in my line.

5. Master your grip: Starting with a good grip, like you see above, is so important. A bad grip can cause so many issues in your golf swing.

6. Get “fitted” for clubs: You don’t need to get fit right away, but once you start to get serious, poorly-fit clubs can cause long-term issues in your golf swing.

7. Keep your head down on putts: Get used to listening to the ball go into the hole without necessarily looking up to see it drop.

8. Aim for the center of the green and not the flags: It’s true for the pros, and it’s true for beginners, too.

9. Have a short memory: Bad shots will come. They’ll come often. That’s just golf. Don’t take them too seriously and don’t dwell on them. Get a few lessons.

10. Don’t bounce around coaches: Find a coach you like, of course, but once you do, stick with them. Don’t go bouncing around looking for a quick fix.


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